For Oil Rig Owners

Moving oil rigs is an intensive process with numerous moving parts. As a rig owner or person in overall charge of the rig, you can often miss a lot of details of what actually takes place on the ground. 

RigMove App brings those details to your desk. 

RigMove App enables vendors and contractors on the ground to constantly feed data to upper management and rig owners on whats taking place by the minute, hour or day. This data can then be aggregated to validate invoices, review safety procedures and improve performance. 

The level of accountability brought about by RigMove App will save you thousands of dollars per month in rig moves.

Here are just some of the things RigMove can do for you.

  • Your staff on the ground can take pictures in real time and share them with you.
  • Request and receive detailed notes attached to every picture, explaining the context and all necessary details
  • You’ll get easy to follow, customized daily reports
  • PDF formatted safety reports

For the vendors/contractors

Tired of walking around with a clipboard or scratching your head at the end of the day trying to figure out what happened during the day in order to create reports? RigMove App is here to help! Simple take a photo, jot some notes, save and keep moving. You can then share that data at any time with upper management. At the end of the day, let the app help to generate custom reports to recap the day. We understand the need to record information even when network service is not available. RigMove App works offline and syncs automatically when you are connected. 

Sounds simple enough...? Sign up for your 14 days FREE TRIAL account to check it out.

Upgrading to a full subscription will activate Unlimited Summary, Rig Pics and Reporting. We offers simple monthly  or a discounted annual billing. NO CONTRACTS! To avoid interruption or loss of data choose Automatic Billing.